Retreat at Surrender to Serenity

Surrender to Serenity lovingly invites you to come and enjoy a half-day retreat where there will be two sacred rituals, a shamanic drum circle and a sacred fire, on Sunday February 11, starting at 3:00pm and ending at 8:00pm. There will be a potluck dinner at 5:00pm. If you cannot stay for the 5 hours, you can choose to come for half a day, but please let us know when you will be present.

Here is the program:

1) 3:00pm to 5:00pm - Ohana sacred ritual,

"Ohana" is the ancient Hawaiian practice of sacred ritual that uses the Perspective and Principles of Ho'ala Huna to address every issue, personal to global. No matter where you are on the spiritual path or what religion you prescribe to, the group format around the sacred Huna Altar has the magical ability to shine a light of True Clarity and bring into Balance (Ho'o'pono'pono) every aspect of our lives with Love, Wisdom and the Support of our fellow sojourners. Kahuna Karie is the ordained Kahuna Kapua who will lovingly preside over this sacred ritual.

2) 5:00pm to 6:00pm - a shared potluck meal

3) 6:00pm to 8:00pm - Despacho (making of a sacred offering to Mother Earth, lead by Clarice Mota) and Shamanic Drum circle, and the sacred fire circle, when the offering will be placed on the fire.

We look forward to your presence with us for these sacred ceremonies!

Bring your drum, flowers, a love donation for the Ohana ceremony and an offering of food for the potluck.

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Important Announcement:
Dr. Mota is currently very ill and deeply regrets she cannot take any appointments through mid-November.  (If you have already booked an appointment, please be patient; she will contact you as soon as she able.)