Shamanic Drum Circle

Sunday, September 17th, at 2:00 pm

Every month, we at Surrender to Serenity gather together to play drums and sing for peace on earth, for joy and celebration of who we are as divine presences on this planet. Join us for one more circle and we shall share teachings and exercises to help us remember who we really are and how to deal with the shadows that are still coming through to us. We will be shining our light together!

Our next Shamanic Drum Circle will happen on Sunday, September 17th, at 2:00PM. We will play drums, sing and dance in honor of the Earth and all elements, we will also share images, quotes, ideas, feelings and suggestions about work to be done regarding the fierce hurricanes that have devastated the state of Florida and several Caribbean islands.

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Important Announcement:
Dr. Mota is currently very ill and deeply regrets she cannot take any appointments through mid-November.  (If you have already booked an appointment, please be patient; she will contact you as soon as she able.)