The day of beginning

Each day we start the day as probably a blank page. If you work either inside or outside your home, then you already have a commitment, somewhere to go, some people to see and work with. Isn't that wonderful? or isn't? Now I am retired and I only have commitments with occasional clients who come to see me or occasional appointments I have with other people outside my home. But I miss my working days of going to my office, greeting my colleagues and talking to them, sharing news, conversing about the chores of that day and all that involves being in a work environment.

Every day, you see this I am sure, is an opportunity to start anew! If you have a problem, here is the day when you can change it into a lesson and learn from it. Here is the opportunity to transform a challenge into a friend either for now or for ever. If something is not "working right" between you and someone, either at the office or at home, or out there in the world where you live, here is your chance to look at this person with new eyes and try to engage in an open-hearted and kind conversation. If this is not possible, the person has moved away, you don't have a way to connect with them, they don't answer your phone calls, or you don't feel ready yet to have that conversation, do not worry, do this from your heart to theirs. Say what you need to say - forgive, ask for forgiveness - or do a ritual at home in which you say the 4 elements of Ho'ponopono: I am Sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you, I love you. This is a lesson in compassion, not only for the other person, but for yourself indeed! It is a lesson in being one with the universe. Thanking someone you feel has hurt you, forgiving them and even saying "I love you" most sincerely, frees you from hurt, sorrow, anger and overall dark energies.

You are free! You are wholesome! Just be careful to not go around feeling superior because you did this amazing lesson in humanity. Feel wholesome and good, as you should, as you are, but never, ever "superior". Only because...


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Dr. Mota is currently very ill and deeply regrets she cannot take any appointments through mid-November.  (If you have already booked an appointment, please be patient; she will contact you as soon as she able.)