I offer a wide range of services,  and I am available to help in a variety of settings. Not only do I see people in my home in Hampton Roads, Virginia, for healing and therapeutic sessions, but I also offer online and phone consultations as well.


In addition, I host numerous events, such as a once-a-month lecture called "Awakening Your True Self" with different speakers each month, a monthly group shamanic journey, and shamanic drum circle events.

Shamanic Journeying

Shamanic healing is the practice of transforming the body through cleansing and healing the soul. According to shamanic tradition, some people who died still linger in spirit form, clinging to those who are alive – causing distress and confusion. In a shamanic healing session, I will guide you into a deeply relaxed state. If I discern that there are lingering spirits, I will identify who they are, determine why they are clinging to you, and ultimately release them to their soul level home. Through this process, you will experience a clearing and balancing of the energy center points (chakras) related to your issues – leaving you with a profound sense of peace and understanding. I can also do an “illumination” therapy which is a release of imbalances  in the chakras, and take you back to a state of equilibrium and health.


Hypnotherapy is a method of deep relaxation, through which a client is able to shift from the sympathetic nervous system (attention on the outer world) to the parasympathetic nervous system (attention on the inner world) – effectively accessing the subconscious mind. In a hypnotherapy session, my voice will ease you into a trance-like state, through which you will be able to access the hidden belief systems and past experiences that may be at the root of self-defeating behaviors. Through the power of suggestion, I will then help you reprogram your thought patterns – enabling you to release addictive habits, transform your experience of pain, and otherwise optimize your health and wellness.

Past-Life Regression Therapy

Past-life regression therapy is based on the belief that we have an eternal soul going through many material lives. Our soul remembers every single life it has gone through, but our brain does not. However, we carry the imprint of what has happened in past lives. We need to remember and work with in order to heal our ancient wounds and our contemporary problems. 


  • Transformation of inner self

  • Clearing of old wounds

  • New relationship with soul

  • Peaceful and rewarding life

  • Releasing past life anger and hatred

  • Heightened self-love


Reiki is a Japanese therapy based on the principle that there is a universal energy supporting the body’s innate healing abilities. A Reiki master serves a conduit for this energy. As part of a Reiki treatment, I will place my hands on or over your body (as per your preference), “tune in” to universal healing energy, then allow the energy to run through my hands and into the parts of your body that need support. 

Important Announcement:
Dr. Mota is currently very ill and deeply regrets she cannot take any appointments through mid-November.  (If you have already booked an appointment, please be patient; she will contact you as soon as she able.)