About Clarice

Clarice Mota PhD, CHT 

Clarice Mota studied at the Institute For Hypnotherapy (HCH) in Lafayette, California, where she got advanced training in Eriksonian Hypnotherapy. She graduated from the Institute in 2009. She was certified in shamanic practices at HCH in 2011 and later received her education as a Reiki Master. 

She was ordained a minister in the Universal Life Church in 2011, and in the Order of Melchizedek in 2016.


She went on to study Shamanism with the Four Winds School under the direct instruction of Dr. Albert Villoldo. It was at the University of Texas at Austin where she earned her doctorate in Anthropology in 1987. She has since retired from being a professor and has reinvented herself as an energy/spiritual healer. She greatly enjoys this amazing work and has seen many profound breakthroughs in not only the lives of her clients, but in her own as well.

Clarice has a passion to serve men and women ages 18 and beyond to breakthrough their emotional and spiritual hurdles. She is highly skilled with helping people heal their struggles with relationship and addiction issues. She can also work with grief, depression, anxiety, and insomnia. It is her belief that these issues are buried in the subconscious mind and the dismissal of the spiritual self will never truly address the root cause of these challenges.

While she currently calls the Hampton Roads, Virginia, area home, Clarice is available to people throughout the world through online and telephone sessions as well as in-person consultations.

Important Announcement:
Dr. Mota is currently very ill and deeply regrets she cannot take any appointments through mid-November.  (If you have already booked an appointment, please be patient; she will contact you as soon as she able.)